KringleCon 4: Calling Birds
· β˜• 81 min read · πŸŽ… noobintheshell
The fourth edition of Kringlecon! This year challenges were covering webapp hacking (SQLi, SSRF), binary analysis, digital forensics (logs and network capture analysis), Active Directory attacks, learning Python and shellcoding, some encryption attack, analyzing an IMDS service and FPGA programming. Two challenges on Log4Shell were added as well during the challenge.

KringleCon 3: Three French Hens
· β˜• 87 min read · πŸŽ… noobintheshell
This year’s challenges were a good mix of defensive and offensive skills. Topics varied from webapp hacking, crypto, log analysis, binary analysis to improving JS, regex and network skills. There were as well some simulated hardware challenges. The most challenging part was the analysis and recovery of a custom blockchain's block that was stealthily altered.